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The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The first thing you need to know is that the holy spirit is god. Some people get confused when we say that there is only one god and yet we say god the father, god the son, god the holy spirit. There is only one god but he manifests himself in three dimensions.

To my children, i am adeboye the father; to my mother, i am adeboye the son; to my wife, i am adeboye the husband. I am one man but i can manifest as father, son and husband. When i am adeboye the son, i behave differently than when i am manifesting as adeboye the father.

If for example, my mother should drop my china plate, what i would say to her is “mama, gently, i hope you are not hurt”? I would be apologising to her for breaking my plate. On the other hand, if my son breaks the same plate i would be angry.

The way god operates as god the father, is different from the way he operates as god the son and it is different from the way he operates as god the holy spirit.

The holy spirit is a mighty rushing wind

Acts 2:2 describes the holy spirit as a mighty rushing wind. In exodus 14 vs 21-28 when moses lifted his hands towards the red sea, the bible says there was a mighty rushing wind from the east: that created a way in the red sea.

When the holy spirit is moving as a wind, he makes a way where there is no way before. When that wind blew and created a way for the children of israel, their enemies followed them; enemies that have been in their generation for more than four hundred years, but when the children of israel came to the other side of the sea, moses lifted his hand again, the wind withdrew, the sea came together and all the enemies of the children of israel drowned in one day.

Whenever the holy spirit blows as a wind, all generational enemies will vanish in a single moment. When the holy spirit blew as a wind, the testimonies of the children of israel became complete; they were set free before; now the enemy was pursuing them to bring them back into slavery but when that wind blew, suddenly their testimonies became complete.

In ezekiel 37 v 1-10 the wind of the holy spirit blew again and dry bones came back to life. Whenever the wind of the holy spirit blows the irreversible becomes reversed.

In 2 kings 2 v 19 -22 after the wind blew, the opportunity that the people of jericho thought they had lost forever, was completely restored to them. In the same 2 kings 2 v 9-15 when the wind blew for elisha, that very day, he entered into his destiny.

The holy spirit is a fire

In judges 15 v 14-15 the relatives of samson brought him bound and handed him over to the enemy. As far as the enemies were concerned, an end had come for samson but the holy spirit came down as fire and the ropes binding samson were burnt by fire. He grabbed the jaw bone of an ass and destroyed those who would have destroyed him.

When the holy spirit operates as fire what he does is that those who want to truncate your destiny, he has a way of turning them to fuel so that he can burn them up, so that you can continue with your destiny.

In 1 kings 18 v 36-38 we see the holy spirit again manifesting as fire. Elijah prepared an altar, put a bullock on it and cried to god: he said ‘hear me o god, hear me; answer me by fire so they will know you are the one who sent me’. The fire fell, consumed the offering, consumed the wood, consumed stones, consumed the soil and even licked up water. Now you should know already that the kind of fire that will eat up stones and lick up water is not an ordinary fire. When the holy spirit is moving by fire he has a way of drying up your tears. He enjoys drinking up water; he likes to wipe tears away from your eyes.

In mark 2 v 1-41 you will see that when the holy spirit functions as fire, he has a way of turning the potential in a man to reality. Jesus had told peter; i will turn you to a fisher of men. Jesus had said this three years earlier, but yet peter had not yet won any soul. We read later in the book of acts that when the holy spirit came down like fire and sat upon that man, he preached a single sermon and he won three thousand souls at once.

The holy spirit is oil

In, acts 10 v38 the bible says: ‘how god anointed jesus of nazareth with the holy ghost and with power’. In other words, the holy spirit can act as oil for anointing. The moment god anointed jesus christ with the holy ghost and with power; the bible says he went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil.

One of the things that the holy ghost does when he’s operating as oil is that he turns an ordinary man to somebody who can perform miracles.

Like peter for example, an ordinary fisherman but when the holy spirit came upon him, his shadow began to heal the sick. Don’t write yourself off, and please stop believing that you are not going to do wonders for god. When the holy spirit begins to act as oil, he empowers you to go about doing good; to begin to heal, to begin to set the captives free.

In 1samuel 16 v 11-13, samuel had gone into the house of jesse to anoint a king and when he got there, jesse brought out his big boys, and god said ‘i am not choosing any of these’. So finally, samuel asked ‘are these all your children?’ jesse replied that there remained only one boy but he is not the kind of person you will make a king. He was so reluctant to talk about david; so reluctant that the man of god said we won’t sit down until you bring that boy. So they brought david and the man of god poured oil on his head and in an instant, the one who have been forgotten, became a king.

The holy spirit is a very great friend, when he is blowing in your favor, things just will be happening in a miraculous way. But if he is blowing against you, you can ask jonah what happened. Therefore, if for any reason whatsoever, maybe you have not yet made up your mind to surrender your life to jesus and you want him to begin to blow in your favor; please surrender your life to him.


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