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Kingdom Business

by Yinka Oduwole


Whilst many choose the path of employment to: make ends meet, look after the family and meet their financial needs (or wants); the option of having your own business should never be overlooked. Many more people today are exploring the opportunities of starting their own business and taking control of their income. God Himself commanded man to be “boss” in the Garden of Eden: giving him dominion, power and authority (Gen 1:26-28). The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Cross has given that Kingdom right to the regenerated man - you and I.

Kingdom Business You might ask yourself, what a Kingdom Business is. The answer is a relative one and depends on; who you are asking, their background and experience of business in the Kingdom setting. The term “Kingdom” is with reference to the Kingdom of God here on earth. When Jesus taught on prayer, He taught them to pray “thy Kingdom come on earth, as it is in Heaven”. It is evident from this that it is God’s desire that His Kingdom will come, be experienced here on earth and in this dispensation before we get to eternity. The Kingdom of God here on earth denotes that, God is majestic having both rule and reign over that which is in His Kingdom or set apart as His, here on earth.

Therefore, a Kingdom Business is a business that is subject to and operates under the governances, ordinances, and principles of God. It is a business in which God’s nature and characteristics are intrinsically infused into the DNA of the Business.

Kingdom Mindset As children of God, royalties and citizens of the Kingdom of God, we should have a Kingdom mindset, which is evident and overflows into in our business. It is not enough to wear the title of “Christian”. If our lives are in Christ and we follow Him, then this has to be evident in our business as we engage with both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Jesus was a champion for the Kingdom of God and at every opportunity spoke about the Kingdom of God; often He kept saying “the Kingdom of God is like….”, especially when he spoke in parables.

My question to you today is this: • If God were going to reference your business and ministry (in the same way that he continuously referenced the Kingdom of God to everyone), what would He say? • Which of the many parables is a positive reflection on the business that you run? • Does your business edify the body of Christ and minister to the needs of the people even though it is not run in the Church and perhaps doesn’t directly benefit the church?

The fact that you run a profit making business does not mean that it cannot be a ministry which impacts and transforms both saved and unsaved lives!

Every child of God, who runs a business, should run a Kingdom Business without compromise and exception. Such business should be one that: • Reflects integrity like Joseph (Gen 39); • Resourceful and diligent like Jacob, such that others are blessed as a result (Gen 30:27); • Operates in the field of excellence like Daniel (Dan 6:3); • Stays highly committed to serving and transforming the people like Paul.

Kingdom Thinking: What Kingdom principles have you employed in your business? What core values are important to you and are they reflective of your Christian values? What does your business say about you as a citizen of the Kingdom of God? What does your business say about the Kingdom of God?

Our father in the Lord, Pastor E. A. Adeboye is commonly known for saying, “I know God is here because I brought Him with me”.

What about you?

Can you boldly say that you operate a Kingdom Business where God sits on the throne and reigns because you brought Him into that business?


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